Monday, January 26, 2009

Maple Leaves

This was the first quilt I started. I'm still working on the hand quilting. I wanted a particular look with this one that I knew I couldn't achieve on the machine. You'll see that look in the maple leaf and design I stitched around it. Also by hand quilting it gives this quilt an old fashioned look to it.

This quilt was done all out of fabrics from work. None of this is cotton. One thing I like about that is these fabrics are very heavy. When you hold the quilt you can tell it's made out of heavy fabrics and when I have it draped over my legs while I quilt it's very warm. So this one will make the perfect lap quilt.

Dont' think that quilts can only be made out of cottons. Quilts made from other heavier fabrics can be warmer and even very unique and interesting.

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