Monday, January 26, 2009

Houses of Warmth

This quilt was an interesting one. I started quilting when I started bringing home fabric from work. At my place of work we use all kinds of fabric to make office panels. Unfortunately none of it is regular cotton that you would use in quilting. But some of the fabrics are beautiful. So I used many of them in the houses on this quilt. I was able to create unique looking homes on the quilt with texture and designs that you wouldn't find in normal cotton fabrics. I also used cottons with it as well.Here you can see the buses. One is of a cotton floral print. Nothing unusual there. The dark green on has a texture on it that's like little tiny pebbles. It gives it a texture of leaves. The other one has a checkered pattern where some of the squares are raised. The textures add a lot of interest to the quilt.

I'm going to admit to a mistake, but as a result I was able to add more interest to this quilt. Under the tree I messed up and the roof of that house doesn't line up. So I just covered it up with the top of the tree. It works great! No one would know had I not said anything. The truck of the tree is another fabric with texture and a design that reminds me of wood. Just above that tree you can also barely see another fabric I found that looks like bricks.

Yes I have lots of fun looking for unique scraps at work. It's also fun because I work with both my parents and my mother now works at the fabric table where I use to work. I'll have to find another pattern where I can use interesting fabrics like this.

Right now I am in the middle of machine quilting this one. The hard part is my sewing machine is a small cheap on from Wal Mart and it's very hard to machine quilt such a large quilt. So far I've only been able to stitch around the houses and bushes in the center row. I hope the outer rows get easier.

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