Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Goth Quilt

I delivered the Goth quilt to the girl at work that hired me to do a lap quilt for her. She was in love at first sight. She was so excited and loved the hand quilted spider web I did too. This quilt was a lot of fun to do and the first time I had ever done a quilt as you go project. I loved it. I know it won't work for everything I do, as my favorite is the Lonestar quilt, but it is certainly a fabulous way to bust out your scrap pile. I plan to do many more of these, but not likely with a Gothic theme.
The start. Not quit center. One thing she loves and gave me to use, was an old corsett. Se I sewed the ends (back) on top of a piece of red. This will be laced up later with black ribbon. Then I began adding pieces around it. I used many different pieces of black lace she provided, which I lined with a fabric that would make the lace stand out.

Yes she loves spider webs, so there were a lot of fabrics with webs.

The finished quilt.

The black spider web hand quilted on a section of red.

The corset all laced up.

Buttons, rick rack, lace and ribbons added for fun and texture.
This project was fun!