Thursday, July 14, 2011

Opened shop!

By the way we did finally move. We sold our home in April and moved out to the country with my family. I couldn't have asked for a better arrangement. I love living near my parents. I have the peace of mind knowing my mom is right next door for the kids when I'm at work.

Not just that, but I now have a nice cozy area for my quilting and genealogy research. No more freezing my butt of in the basement, and no more clutter and mess in my family room.

Since I started this blog a lot has happened. I still do my genealogy research which I write about when I find the time on my Untangled Family Roots blog, but I also Do a lot more sewing and quilting now. I also have a new position at work as the Continuous Improvement Coordinator (Lean Manufacturing Coordinator). As a result this has brought me a new opportunity.

Here it is. I'm am trying find a way to help my company make an even smaller impact on the environment by upcycling their fabric waste. I work for a local office furniture manufacturer. Some of the product we make involves fabric. We go through thousands of inches of fabric every day and discard tons of waste from the left over pieces. I am also pursuing what options they may have to recycle this waste. They recycle all the metal, wood, paper, cardboard, etc that they use, but the fabric has always been thrown away as there is not really a viable option out there for a large scale company in this area to recycle. This creates an opportunity for me if this works, so I'd sure appreciate some help if you can.

I open up my Etsy shop last night Going Green Scrapy as a way to sale some of this reusable fabric and to sale the crafts I make from this fabric. Although I am still in search of a viable option for them to recycle the waste fabric that is really no longer usable for anyone. If you can think of any other option I may have to help my company achieve this goal of less impact on the landfill and environment please help.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

House Quilt Finished

Finally I finished my House quilt and hung it on the wall. It does have some flaws, so I'll probably never sale it. The flaws are on the back though, so it makes a great wall hanging.

This quilt was a test for me. I wanted to see if I could reuse scrap pieces of fabric discarded the the office furniture making process at work to make something beautiful. I did and it look great, but I soon realized these fabrics were not easy to work with. If I want to continue doing quilts, and I plan to, I'll go back to using cottons.

However, I am pursue other ideas to reuse the fabric my work discards to create wonderful pieces. Some of the ideas I have are pillows, pot holders, purses/bags, window coverings, etc. I'm open to further ideas if anyone has any.

I'll keep this quilt above my sewing machine for now and appreciate all the hard work that went into it every time I look up.